4. Get ready!

The next time I post something, It’ll be my first of many conquests of creatively executing my awesome menu for my future restaurant, food truck or culinary job! There are 30 items on my menu. This venture will not be a quick one, no sireeee. I’ll post my successes and failures; I’ll share my joys and frustrations as I do this challenge and the cool thing is that when I finally  post my tried and tested concoction on here, you’ll know it’s the real deal!

I should tell you that my favorite type of food is Italian! I fell in love with this cuisine when I worked in a very nice Italian restaurant as a busser, food runner and wait assistant. I got to be in the front lines, seeing the chef’s prepare delicious  dishes and learning about the culture and culinary finesse of Italian food and wine.

Here’s a taste of what foods I’ll attempt to be making on this blog: appetizers like calamari fritti with chipotle aioli and lamb meatballs with a tangy yogurt sauce to fried quail with cranberry demi-glace and much more! I have some cool, creative salads on the menu like kale with mangoes to a traditional Italian caprese with tangy and sweet balsamic vinegar and much more. We have some yummy and hearty soups on the menu like gazpacho-with a twist, fagiolo and Italian! Our entrees (which will be the most challenging I feel) include eggplant orzo, gorgonzola lamb chops, homemade gnocchi in a burre blanc sauce, pan seared sea bass in a delicious spicy tomato sauce and more! Finally, some of the desserts (the best part of the meal right?)  I’ll make will be cheddar souffle with apples, bourbon and sugar, tiramisu with coffee and rum, cassata siciliana (an Italian cake) and more!

I hope this menu sounds good to you! I’m getting hungry just typing this out. I’m excited about all of this and will see you all in Italy! (figuratively speaking of course).

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3. It’s time to open up!

Some people have asked me why I’m really doing this blog. Fair question. Other than the quest of culinary adventure, which is what this blog will definitely showcase, I also see it as a way to express myself in ways that I know I’m not always good at. I consider myself to be a social person, but not always an open person. Sound confusing? Understood. Being social and being open about yourself are different things. I’ve just always been a closed person about my “personal secrets” (don’t worry, no bad or illegal ones!).

This blog will allow me to showcase my cooking, allow myself to open up through food and writing that is sometimes harder in person. Food just has that magic.. it does a lot of things:  Gets people talking, brings people together and really is the way to a man’s heart!

*Oh, You know that menu I created with my culinary creativeness? The thing I’m basing this whole blog off of? Well, the exciting part of this food journey that I’m going on with my menu,  is that I will be creating recipes from scratch! Yea, you heard it! How can I be a chef without learning how to do this? 

It’s easy to put macaroni & cheese on a menu right? But how to make that with the right ingredients and their amounts is the tricky part and that’s what I’ll be doing here!  Rest assured, when I publish a recipe on here, I’ve tested it with myself and my friends, so I won’t destroy your food palate.  See where the “journey” and “test” part come in now?

Get ready for a trip down Food Lane! My next post will be Saturday.

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2. Taking the first step…

I’m pretty excited right now.. why you ask? Other than being alive, I’m getting a camera! I’ve never really had one other than those disposable ones for traveling. This is one is definitely an upgrade. I’m not a camera linguist, but it’s got cool sounding things like “optical zoom” and “12 megapixels” with video and sound recording. Plus it’s a small one, sleek and black, which makes me think it’ll be easy to transport. Here’s a picture of my picture maker!

I’ll be able to take HD, super fancy pictures of my menu creations and place them on this blog; hopefully causing you to stab your screen with a fork only to realize sadly.. you can’t actually eat the blog itself!

On my next posting, I’m going to reveal my first menu item and hopefully be able to make the dish and have a delicious picture of it! Fingers crossed right?

You’ll get to know me more and more as we do this; with every dish I make, I’ll have a story that will make a three way connection (you, me and the food!) so that it all hits home at the end!

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1. Here goes Nothing..

Well, here it goes….

I’m about to embark on a journey that I’m not even sure I can do! See, cooking has always been this back burner (cooking joke!)  hobby of mine, like most people. You know, I’d cook for family and friends; a little here and there, get some compliments (mmm, this is so good Dan!) and used it as a great conversation starter for those few dates I went on. I even auditioned for a few reality cooking shows and made it past the initial rounds! 

It got me thinking…  (which sometimes is a dangerous thing, but not here).. Should this just be a hobby or should I take it further?? Well.. 

1. It brings me joy joy unspeakable joy! Cooking really does. Truly! Despite the grueling effort sometimes required to put a dish together, I’d rather cook than do most easier tasks like.. uh emptying the garbage.

It’s exciting seeing things come together;  a food idea, then a picture in your head, to ingredients sprawled on the counter to       cooking to the plated dish!

2. I’ve been cooking for years, since probably 10 years old helping my mom and dad and now I’m way past age 10, so I have experience?

3. I’m an awesome cook, just ask my friends. I’m sure up to now, I sounded like a Food Network Worst Cook in America candidate..          “I’ve been cooking since I was 10 and i love it, but I might burn your kitchen down in the process since I’m actually not that good at it”. HaHa. I really think I have a budding talent that needs to honed and perfected!

4. If there’s any time to jump into something without thinking, it’s when you’re young. If it doesn’t work, you still have time to clean up and get on to the next!

Here’s what I want to do:  Start a food truck or restaurant or catering company or even work in restaurant as a cook.. something to do with food! Somewhere in this great nation!

BUT BUT BUT, like anything, you wanna make sure your not jumping off a cliff without any gear right? (bad example I know, but you get the idea.. )  I need to make sure that my menu I just created, from the creativeness of my culinary mind can be executed properly, hence the title of this blog: Test Kitchen. That’s what I’m out to do and you can help by trying out the food I cook and give me confidence that I’m not going crazy!

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