The Chef (Wannabe)

Hey! I’m Daniel. An accountant by day and a chef by night! I love cooking and am on an adventure to figure out my culinary dream. 

I grew up and live in the Midwest, love a great hot-dish (casseroles) ( uh if you don’t know what that is… let’s see.. a bunch of veggies or meats mixed with macaroni noodles or a thick sauce and baked!), I dislike winter a lot and religiously watch Food Network. 

This blog will be my version of an challenge to myself. I have a dream of starting a restaurant or a food truck. I’ve written a menu that I’m pretty impressed with.. (hence my reason for a blog.. im totally biased!) but need and want outside encouragement, viewers and supporters! 

If I can successfully cook these dishes (without burning my kitchen down, poisoning my friends or involuntarily getting myself on Worst Cooks of America), I’ll feel more confident and ready to take the plunge into the culinary world! 

Follow me, post comments, try my recipes! I’ll see you in the kitchen. 


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