4. Get ready!

The next time I post something, It’ll be my first of many conquests of creatively executing my awesome menu for my future restaurant, food truck or culinary job! There are 30 items on my menu. This venture will not be a quick one, no sireeee. I’ll post my successes and failures; I’ll share my joys and frustrations as I do this challenge and the cool thing is that when I finally  post my tried and tested concoction on here, you’ll know it’s the real deal!

I should tell you that my favorite type of food is Italian! I fell in love with this cuisine when I worked in a very nice Italian restaurant as a busser, food runner and wait assistant. I got to be in the front lines, seeing the chef’s prepare delicious  dishes and learning about the culture and culinary finesse of Italian food and wine.

Here’s a taste of what foods I’ll attempt to be making on this blog: appetizers like calamari fritti with chipotle aioli and lamb meatballs with a tangy yogurt sauce to fried quail with cranberry demi-glace and much more! I have some cool, creative salads on the menu like kale with mangoes to a traditional Italian caprese with tangy and sweet balsamic vinegar and much more. We have some yummy and hearty soups on the menu like gazpacho-with a twist, fagiolo and Italian! Our entrees (which will be the most challenging I feel) include eggplant orzo, gorgonzola lamb chops, homemade gnocchi in a burre blanc sauce, pan seared sea bass in a delicious spicy tomato sauce and more! Finally, some of the desserts (the best part of the meal right?)  I’ll make will be cheddar souffle with apples, bourbon and sugar, tiramisu with coffee and rum, cassata siciliana (an Italian cake) and more!

I hope this menu sounds good to you! I’m getting hungry just typing this out. I’m excited about all of this and will see you all in Italy! (figuratively speaking of course).

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