3. It’s time to open up!

Some people have asked me why I’m really doing this blog. Fair question. Other than the quest of culinary adventure, which is what this blog will definitely showcase, I also see it as a way to express myself in ways that I know I’m not always good at. I consider myself to be a social person, but not always an open person. Sound confusing? Understood. Being social and being open about yourself are different things. I’ve just always been a closed person about my “personal secrets” (don’t worry, no bad or illegal ones!).

This blog will allow me to showcase my cooking, allow myself to open up through food and writing that is sometimes harder in person. Food just has that magic.. it does a lot of things:  Gets people talking, brings people together and really is the way to a man’s heart!

*Oh, You know that menu I created with my culinary creativeness? The thing I’m basing this whole blog off of? Well, the exciting part of this food journey that I’m going on with my menu,  is that I will be creating recipes from scratch! Yea, you heard it! How can I be a chef without learning how to do this? 

It’s easy to put macaroni & cheese on a menu right? But how to make that with the right ingredients and their amounts is the tricky part and that’s what I’ll be doing here!  Rest assured, when I publish a recipe on here, I’ve tested it with myself and my friends, so I won’t destroy your food palate.  See where the “journey” and “test” part come in now?

Get ready for a trip down Food Lane! My next post will be Saturday.

Thanks to you all for reading this! Please leave nice comments and share with your friends! 


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