2. Taking the first step…

I’m pretty excited right now.. why you ask? Other than being alive, I’m getting a camera! I’ve never really had one other than those disposable ones for traveling. This is one is definitely an upgrade. I’m not a camera linguist, but it’s got cool sounding things like “optical zoom” and “12 megapixels” with video and sound recording. Plus it’s a small one, sleek and black, which makes me think it’ll be easy to transport. Here’s a picture of my picture maker!

I’ll be able to take HD, super fancy pictures of my menu creations and place them on this blog; hopefully causing you to stab your screen with a fork only to realize sadly.. you can’t actually eat the blog itself!

On my next posting, I’m going to reveal my first menu item and hopefully be able to make the dish and have a delicious picture of it! Fingers crossed right?

You’ll get to know me more and more as we do this; with every dish I make, I’ll have a story that will make a three way connection (you, me and the food!) so that it all hits home at the end!

Until next time.. Post good comments and tell your friends to read this!


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